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Testicular Pain

The causes of chronic testicular pain not due to infection are not well understood, however; it is believed that nerve fibers running along the spermatic cord (the cord which also contains the vas deferens and blood vessels to the testicle) can be triggered to cause this pain. In men without a structural abnormality and testicular pain that does not respond to conservative therapy, surgical therapy can be considered. For men in this position who respond to a nerve block in the clinic, approximately 70% will have complete relief of pain with a specialized minimally invasive microscopic surgery to denervate the spermatic cord, and another 15% have improvement in pain.

Varicoceles (abnormally dilated veins around the testicle) are an identifiable source of testicular pain. Fifteen percent of men in the general population have varicoceles. It is believed that the higher the grade (amount of dilation of the veins that can be felt on exam) the varicocele, the more pain it may produce. With surgical repair of the varicocele, 70-80% of men have complete resolution of the pain and another 10-15% of men have significant improvement in pain.

Another identifiable source of testicular pain can be retraction of the testicle up to the groin which can happen with activity. A surgical release of the muscle that causes this retraction through a minimal procedure can alleviate pain due to testicular retraction.

Dr. Kavoussi is an expert in testicular pain with extensive experience in treatment and microsurgical procedures to treat testicular pain. The two have co-authored publications on the subject, and Dr Kavoussi was invited to be a faculty lecturer for the post-graduate continuing medical education course on chronic testicular pain at the American Urological Association annual national meeting.

What are patients saying about their experience at Austin Center for Men’s Health for care for testicular pain?

“For over 10 years I thought I had prostate issues, but had very healthy PSA, 0.4. Finally, after recent, painful infection diagnosed by my primary care doctor as a “Hydrocele,” in the right testis, I read Citysearch about Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. I quickly got an appointment. Dr. Kavoussi did the ultrasound himself so I would know exactly my condition. It was a tumor. Dr. Kavoussi removed it less than a week later at South Austin Surgical near St. David’s South. He and his staff prepared me for the painful recovery after testicular surgery; I got better quickly with ice-packing. The tumor was a BENIGN Adenomatoid tumor! I’m back to swimming a mile in less than a month! Urinary function is like when I was young! It was like having a rock removed and nerve pain is almost gone and I have less nerve pain in other areas too! Don’t wait for cancer, or endure testicular pain. Go to Dr. Kavoussi!”

“I (53 yr. old) suffered from pain on my left testicle for about 5 yrs and it kept getting progressively worse radiating down to my leg. I heard about Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and after consultation and a minor injection to see if pain was relieved, he decided to perform a procedure called Microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord. It’s been three months and I feel 200% better, the pain is gone from my testicle. I have a bit of pain at the incision, but that is normal. I highly recommend this procedure. I hope this helps someone out there with the same symtoms.”

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