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5 Star Rating


Dr. Kavoussi is amazing. He’s brilliant, patient, thorough, friendly, and most importantly he is an excellent surgeon. I’m so glad I trusted Dr. Kavoussi to operate on me. He clearly explained everything before and after the procedure and even called me personally after the surgery to make sure everything was going well. Dr. Kavoussi is the best of the best. Hands down.

5 Star Rating


Quick procedure. They prep you well, so I knew exactly what to expect. I showed up on time. My appointment was on time. Whole procedure took several minutes. Dr Kavoussi was professional and had a great attitude, which helped me to stay calm. Highly recommend.

5 Star Rating


Dear Dr. Kavoussi & Staff, we cannot begin to express our gratitude for your hand in growing our family.  You have made our dream come true!  We welcomed our son into the world on 12/3/2021!  Y’all change lives!  Thank you for what you do!

5 Star Rating


I have seen in total, over 10 doctors in the past few years for a number of differing medical reasons. Dr. Kavoussi is by far one of the most professional providers I have ever been treated by. He is extremely thorough and has also proven to be quite compassionate in my own personal experience. Short wait times- very helpful and friendly front end staff- clean environment.

Highly recommend and thank you for being such an important part of my healing process.

5 Star Rating


Well, here it is, the review that will save you time shopping around for the right Dr. to help you grow your family. Dr. Kavoussi is great to speak with, and he’s very straightforward with describing procedures and expectations. I initially had a vasectomy just over a decade back, and it was performed by a relatively young Dr. that placed the clips a bit too low. Dr. Kavoussi stated I was one of his most difficult reversal surgeries, yet it was shortly after the six week recovery period that we had the news that we were expecting. Friends and family were pleasantly surprised about the time frame that we saw results, and it really goes to show how much effort this team puts in when it comes to dealing with complex surgeries like mine. Recovery was fast and didn’t involve much pain at all despite my situation requiring a longer surgery and some bigger incisions. I’m eternally grateful to have the opportunity to have a family after rebuilding my life, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of Dr. Kavoussi and his wonderful team. Thanks again!!!

5 Star Rating


I had procedure done here, great guy, true definition of professional, real bro vibes right here…  the front office staff was amazing overall.  Amazing job.  I recommend a million times.

5 Star Rating


Everything about this visit was amazing; reception was fast and polite, Dr. Kavoussi was professional, personable, lightning quick, and always attentive.  I couldn’t recommend more.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz Kavoussi is the best!  Literally saved my life.

5 Star Rating


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Kavoussi for many years and genuinely appreciate his care.  He’s very thorough and respectful.  Last year during routine bloodwork it appeared I may have prostate cancer, and the way he and his nurses handled my case was so helpful getting through that.  Thankfully I was clear in the end.  Recently, I had to follow up for my annual and due to covid was handled by telephone.  There was an insurance billing matter, and their insurance specialist was so kind and patient as we worked to get it resolved (which she did)!  I’ve had other guys tell me they need a urologist and Dr. Kavoussi is who I recommend to them.  I’m a loyal patient.  Thank you sir.

5 Star Rating


My partner has been a patient with Dr. Kavoussi for many years.  He recently had his annual exam by phone due to COVID and asked me to post a 5 star review in appreciation for the continued years of treatment.  Several years ago my partner had a cancer scare and Dr. Kavoussi and his staff were always on top of his orders and prescriptions.  He thankfully was cleared and has remained loyal to the doctor ever since.  His last appointment had a billing problem on the insurance and the billing specialist at the office was very kind and helpful, refunding the charge once the insurance cleaned up the confusion.  I know who I will go to if I ever need a urologist.  5 stars well earned!

5 Star Rating


Very professional service, Dr. Kavoussi is very informative and does a great job.

5 Star Rating


The procedure was handled very professionally and without any significant pain.  The Dr. did a wonderful job and made me feel at ease with the process.

5 Star Rating


Extremely thorough and very knowledgeable.  Made the visit to the urologist not so bad after all.  Highly recommend.

5 Star Rating


My visit to Austin Fertility went as good as anyone could have hoped. Dr. Parviz K. Kavoussi is an excellent doctor. All my visits were quick and easy. Any men hesitating to get a vasectomy, don’t. Visit Dr. Kavoussi and get it done. The procedure was quick with minimal pain. I was back to normal in a couple days. I’m glad I choose this location to have it done.

5 Star Rating


HI! Doctor Kavoussi and Staff! Our son came to see you almost a month ago — you came in to see him after doing procedures all day. You listened to him and quickly assess the situation. We were in your office on Tuesday and by Friday, he was having his procedure done! We were from out of town and you and your staff did everything you could to get his procedure put on the schedule. Friday the 10th of March– you took very good care of him. We were back at the motel and he rested. We were able to travel back to Amarillo. I can honestly say he is out of pain for the first time in almost 3 years. Thank you Dr. Kavoussi and your most excellent staff that helped us get this procedure done. Words are not quite adequate to tell you how much we appreciate you. Our son will be seeing you in a few weeks and will be good to see you and thank you again for all you have done. Signed—a thankful mom!

5 Star Rating


Great staff great Dr…. I have been seeing Dr. Parviz K. Kavoussi for 4 years. I couldn’t be happier to have found this office and this Dr.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz Kavoussi diagnosed and helped fix a major problem in my fertility.  He was conscientious throughout.  I would recommend him to anyone.

5 Star Rating


I recently had a no-scalpel vasectomy with Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and am beyond satisfied with the entire experience.  From the initial consultation to the final follow visit, I was very comfortable with all the interactions.  The actual procedure was very short, and the after was totally a breeze.  I experienced very little discomfort and no real pain.  I would strongly suggest anyone looking to have this procedure done to visit AFRM and Dr. Kavoussi.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Kavoussi is the most compassionate physician I’ve come into contact with, and I’ve known many. I simply cannot recommend this practice enough. There is no leaving his office with unanswered questions or unaddressed concerns. No matter what you face, Dr. Kavoussi will explain your options in the clearest, most encouraging fashion.

5 Star Rating


I was diagnosed with non-obstructive azoospermia (“No Sperm Count”) for the last 2 years. In the past couple of years, I have seen several urologists, went through several semen tests, began taking Clomid to increase sperm production and still no sperm was found. The urologists I had seen ultimately recommended a Micro TESE procedure. Though the doctors that we consulted all seemed to recommend a particular course of treatment in the Micro TESE, their prognosis of sperm retrieval was pretty limited. The three or four urologists that I consulted put my chances at sperm retrieval between 40-50%. I didn’t know, at with less probability of a coin flip, if it was worth the cost to pursue this surgery. I continued to investigate my options and was even considering going out of state and having a sperm mapping procedure by another specialist. Given the azoospermia, slim probability of sperm retrieval despite a Micro TESE procedure, most doctors and fertility specialists that we consulted, also counseled my wife and I to consider sperm donation banks to give ourselves the best chance at becoming pregnant. Though we still had hope of having a child it seemed less and less likely that we would conceive a biological child with each consultation.

Somehow in seeking opinions, I found Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine-Westlake IVF and Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. As seems to be the case with fertility clinics, my wife first became a client of Dr. Parviz Kavoussi’s brother at the clinic, Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi. The clinic is convenient as these brothers are specialized and equipped to treat both female and male reproductive issues. In that consultation, Dr. S. Kavoussi let me and my wife know that his brother deals with cases like mine routinely and he told us that he felt having the Micro TESE procedure with his brother would very likely yield some sperm. The percentage he shared with us was 90% as he said that Dr. P. Kavoussi has had very strong retrieval rates. We were somewhat skeptical given the consults that we had to this point all seemed to guestimate our chances at about 50/50 at best. Yet, here we were being told our chances were in the 90s! Following this consult, I set an appointment to be evaluated directly by Dr. P. Kavoussi. Dr. P. Kavoussi was patient with me and explained in his best estimation that my chances of sperm retrieval were high. He put me at ease sharing some stories about other patients in similar circumstances who had successful outcomes. Given his confidence about our chances, I decided to go ahead and have the procedure. The procedure itself was fairly painless-more uncomfortable than any real pain. It was performed early in January 2016. The anticipation of the surgery was worse than the actual procedure. I stayed home from work 3 days. More importantly however is that Dr. P. Kavoussi was able to find plenty of healthy looking sperm. Both doctors are very optimistic about our chances of having a biological child of our own. Whereas previously, most doctors would advise us to have donor sperm available for IVF, after the Micro TESE, Dr. P. Kavoussi told us it looked as though that would no longer be necessary given what he was able to find. We are still in the process but cleared a big hurdle and are looking forward to the next phase of this journey. I would highly encourage you to consider Austin Fertility and Reproductive Medicine-Westlake IVF.

5 Star Rating


I recently had a vasectomy with Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and cannot possibly recommend Austin Fertility enough.

The office staff is courteous and helpful, and Dr. Kavoussi is amazing.  He is professional yet humorous, and instantly put me at ease.  He also went above and beyond to accommodate my busy schedule.

The procedure – no-scalpel vasectomy – was surprisingly pain free and there were only two very brief periods of mild discomfort, and that was having denied the offered valium prescription for the procedure.  On top of that, while it is ongoing, you are allowed to watch TV to distract you from worrying about what’s happening.  After channel surfing for most of the procedure, I found Parks & Rec and was actually laughing while the doctor finished up!

The recovery was an absolute cake walk: I took Friday off from work for the day of the procedure, and afterward took one over the counter Tylenol when I first got home, then kicked back watching movies and playing video games all weekend sitting atop rotating bags of frozen peas.  I experienced no pain during the entire recovery period and was back in the office on Monday!

Guys, if you’ve wanted to get a vasectomy, but have been understandably nervous about it, choose Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

My only regret now that I have gone through the entire process, including the follow-up analysis, is that I won’t have a chance to work with Austin Fertility ever again.  Too bad they don’t practice general family medicine on the side! 😉

5 Star Rating


I recently got a vasectomy with Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. Long story short: The man was masterful at his work and I am so glad I had the procedure with him. Dr. Kavoussi performs the no-scalpel procedure, which I do prefer after learning the difference between the scalpel and no-scalpel procedures.

FYI guys if you don’t know the difference between scalpel and no-scalpel..(by the way I’m not a doctor. Talk to a doctor.)  There are some tubes they need to block to perform the vasectomy. These tubes are surrounded by nerves and blood vessels. In the scalpel procedure they simply cut the tubes, which also cuts the surrounding nerves and blood vessels. In the no-scalpel procedure, the Dr. gets inside the tubes, and cauterizes them from the inside, leaving the surrounding blood vessels and nerves in tact. Less bleeding and trauma to the body that way.

Dr. Kavoussi was very personable during the initial consult, and took as much time as I needed to answer all my questions. The day of the procedure, I was more nervous than I thought I would be, I was glad I took they Valium they recommended. During the procedure, as I said, Dr. Kavoussi was absolutely masterful in his execution. I wasn’t timing it, but he was done in 5-10 minutes. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated his skill.

There was very little pain during the procedure, and it was primarily from the numbing injection. After the procedure, I also had very minimal pain for the first few days. I was back to work after the weekend(minus Monday).

5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and his staff especially Jamie are amazing, courteous, helpful, great advocates with Insurance and always on the cutting edge of working with newer protocols, keeping me informed etc. I have been very happy for 1.5 years.

5 Star Rating


After three children, my wife and I decided we should take action. I did my research on my options in the area and though a friend recommended a doctor who is well known in the area with an interesting name, I didn’t feel that was the right choice for me. I contact Dr Parviz Kavoussi and they took great care of me. They made me comfortable with the process and my recovery was quick and easy. I definitely recommend!

5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz and his staff have done more than just turn my hormone health around in a matter of months. They saved my life. At 21 years old I found myself chronically exhausted, disinterested in things I normally loved, and generally miserable. I found Dr. Kavoussi (by some miracle) via a google search, and I just can’t say enough about all that he’s done for me. Dr. Kavoussi goes so far beyond just treating a number (low testosterone, for me). He cares about my future, whether I want kids, my sense of well being, etc. and he tailors my treatment accordingly. If you’re young, and experiencing similar symptoms, don’t be discouraged if some doctor insists your problem cannot be low testosterone. These people will take care of you. The staff are just the kindest people you can imagine, they remember my name and were genuinely ecstatic for me when my numbers came back right.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Kavoussi is a very personable Doctor. He is very knowledgeable and caring. He takes the time to make sure you understand your treatment and will answer questions with understandable and thorough answers. I highly recommend him as a doctor.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz was truly a blessing, such a skilled professional with the proof to back it up. I had a reversal done I was laying in bed and the Dr called me the day after just to see how I was doing. His professionalism and dedication to his patients is what makes him such an amazing Dr.

5 Star Rating


I highly recommend Dr. Kavoussi. About a year ago I was having issues with my pituitary gland, and I was recommended to go see Dr. Kavoussi. I was diagnosed with male infertility, and my wife and I thought that having a child of our own was impossible. Thanks to Dr. Kavoussi, and his brother, and their wonderful staff we are now expecting twin girls

5 Star Rating


My husband has azoospermia, high FSH and high LH. We sought help from a general urologist here in Austin, to no avail. We are so pleased to have found Dr. Parviz Kavoussi, a fertility doctor subspecialized in these types of issues. We couldn’t be happier with the treatment we have received so far.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz Kavoussi performed my vasectomy and did a fantastic job. His office was clean and modern and i watched ESPN through the entire procedure. I healed easily and was back to work on Monday. I recommend Dr. Kavoussi whole-heartedly.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Kavoussi & Staff: Thank you all sooo much for helping us create our beautiful son. We have so much to be thankful for in 2013 ! Wishing you lots of love & much success this year.

5 Star Rating


Dear Dr. Parviz, I wanted to let you know that our baby arrived on 10-28. Baby, Mom & Dad could not be happier or healthier. I wanted to thank you for all your help in making this possible, for without you and your brother (Dr. S), it would not have happened. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

5 Star Rating


I Highly Recommend Dr. Kavoussi

For over 10 years I thought I had prostate issues, but had very healthy PSA, 0.4. Finally, after recent, painful infection diagnosed by my primary care doctor as a “Hydrocele,” in the right testis, I read Citysearch about Dr. Parviz Kavoussi. I quickly got an appointment. Dr. Kavoussi did the ultrasound himself so I would know exactly my condition. It was a tumor. Dr. Kavoussi removed it less than a week later at South Austin Surgical near St. David’s South. He and his staff prepared me for the painful recovery after testicular surgery; I got better quickly with ice-packing. The tumor was a BENIGN Adenomatoid tumor! I’m back to swimming a mile in less than a month! Urinary function is like when I was young! It was like having a rock removed and nerve pain is almost gone and I have less nerve pain in other areas too! Don’t wait for cancer, or endure testicular pain. Go to Dr. Kavoussi!

5 Star Rating


I was referred to Dr. Kavoussi by my family doctor after weekly injections failed to increase my testosterone to acceptable levels. Dr. Kavoussi took the time to thoroughly explain all the treatments that he offered. In the end, I decided to go with the time release pellets. I just had my second treatment and the procedure is quick and causes very little pain. Just a small shot to numb the insertion area. The staff is helpful and friendly and I have yet to wait more than 5 minutes to see the doctor once I check in with the front desk. I highly recommend Dr. Kavoussi.

5 Star Rating


Dear Dr. Parviz, We are pregnant ! Thank you so much for your advice, patience and care over the last year. You have helped us make our dream of being a family come true. All our best to you.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz Kavoussi,

I just wanted to thank you and your staff at Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine for taking such good care of me. You are a true master in your profession and it shows… I felt totally comfortable in a situation that should make any guy feel awkward. It was nice to be able to watch Sports Center during the operation from the TV mounted above. You were thorough, understanding, informational and very quick. I never had any complications after the surgery and was up and mobile shortly after. I feel great and I would recommend anyone who needs the procedure done to contact

Thank you so much and God Bless!

5 Star Rating


I (53 yr. old) suffered from pain on my left testicle for about 5 yrs and it kept getting progressively worse radiating down to my leg. I heard about Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and after consultation and a minor injection to see if pain was relieved, he decided to perform a procedure called Microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord. It’s been three months and I feel 200% better, the pain is gone from my testicle. I have a bit of pain at the incision, but that is normal. I highly recommend this procedure. I hope this helps someone out there with the same symtoms.

5 Star Rating


We have the greatest appreciation for Dr. Kavoussi and everything he did to help us get pregnant. We truly believe that without him or his brother (Dr. Shahryar Kavoussi), we would not have been successful. We found out yesterday at 18 weeks that we are having a precious boy ! We are so excited and can’t thank them enough.

5 Star Rating


Dr. Kavoussi, my wife and I really appreciate everything you have done for us this year. The baby is growing and developing just fine and should be here in 2 months! We are excited and cannot wait to start our family. I personally have you to thank for my part in this process and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

5 Star Rating


went to Dr. Kavoussi for a Vasectomy Reversal. Without a doubt the best experience I have EVER had with any medical professional. Not only was it a very pleasant experience but he also did an outstanding job! I reached full fertility with minimal scarring. He has such a great staff and an outstanding personality. He’s the man to see for all your male fertility needs!

5 Star Rating


Highly Recommended!

My husband had a vasectomy done by dr. kavoussi and it was as good as it gets! he was in and out in under an hour and the pain was minimal. dr. kavoussi had great bedside manner and best of all, we were all clear at the first post-op check!

5 Star Rating



I went to a few doctors and made several phone calls trying to find the best suited for a vasectomy reversal, after finding Dr. Kavoussi on google he looked very promising. When I met him I made up my mind on the spot! He had extensive knowledge on all the problems I had, had a very nice nurse (Brandy). They have ALWAYS been extremely friendly and his bedside manners are great. I feel he went above and beyond with my procedure and the follow-up visit has proven that. I now am off the charts and ready to procreate! I can’t thank Dr. Kavoussi enough and this has truly been an incredible experience. If you need a Vasectomy Reversal or any male fertility issues for that matter, THIS IS THE DOCTOR TO SEE!

5 Star Rating


I went to Dr. Kavoussi for a vasectomy reversal after doing much research. My wife and I were VERY HAPPY that Dr. Kavoussi took as much time as needed during the consultation to answer all of our questions and give us information and answers that were sincere and did not sound like someone reading from a medical journal. After the surgery I called on a Saturday with a general question thinking I would be leaving a message and getting a return call on Monday. Instead, Dr. Kavoussi called me back 5 minutes later!!!!! This kind of service is definitely not the norm in the industry. He again called me on Sunday just to follow up with me. It is truly wonderful to see someone with superb surgical skills still being down to earth and great at treating his patients like friends.

5 Star Rating


I had a first consultation with Dr Parviz this week. Dr Parviz was the second Doctor I went to see in order to discuss fertility issues. The first Doctor I had visited, a Urologist had not impressed me, and I was gladly surprised to learn that Dr. Parviz was very knowledgeable on all the latest research and methodologies on the subject (had done some self-study) which had not been the case at previous meetings with other Doctors. And he takes the time to listen and discuss your case and go through the test results with you, without feeling that your are being rushed to the door. I seldom take the time to write a review, but I think this time it was worth to do it.!

5 Star Rating


I visited several doctors and did not get results or help getting the insurance to pay for my procedure. Dr. Kavoussi not only cured my problem but got the insurance company to pay the full amount. I got excellent treatment and care above expectations. He even went to his office on Saturday because I had a concern. Who does that anymore????? I would strongly recommend Dr. Parviz Kavoussi and his staff to anyone. He was also on call 24/7 if I had any questions or concerns. What a blessing to find him!

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5 Star Rating


Low testosterone and the archaic forms of application are what led me to Dr. Kavoussi. Instead of daily applications. I’m on a 3-6 month schedule using implanted time release pellets. *The office staff has been very helpful. I strongly recommend Dr. Kavoussi and the clinic..

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5 Star Rating


Dr. Parviz Kavoussi took excellent care of me in my last two clinic visits. He made me feel comfortable in discussing some rather personal issues, and I genuinely appreciate his sincerity and reassurance.

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5 Star Rating


Dr. Kavoussi performed my penile implant correction and replacement surgery. It meant a great deal to me to have him helping me on this. Although I’ve tried wearing a game face through this situation, it was rough dealing with the results of my previous surgery. His skill, extra attention, and great courtesies did not go unnoticed. He and the entire team helped lift a huge burden off my shoulders.

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5 Star Rating


It was a pleasure to see Dr (Parviz) Kavoussi. The conventional wisdom about specialists is that they are impersonal, brusque, and in a hurry to see the next patient. Dr Kavoussi was none of these things.

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