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Dr. Kavoussi gives lecture on treatment of testicular pain as a post-graduate course faculty at the American Urological Association meeting.

Orchialgia PGC BlogThe American Urological Association has its national meeting annually, with around 15,000 urologists from all over the world attending. Dr. Kavoussi was honored to be a faculty lecturer for the post-graduate course entitled: Surgical Management for Chronic Scrotal Pain. Chronic testicular pain has historically been, and continues to be, a challenging diagnosis and a difficult issue to treat. Conservative therapy remains as the first line treatment, but surgical intervention may be required for those who fail conservative treatment, and for many men, can be a cure. Chronic testicular pain is extremely common and impacts up to 100,000 men annually in the United States, due to varying causes. There are specific scenarios where targeted surgical treatments are the mainstay for cure. For example, men with varicoceles (abnormally dilated veins around the testicle) may develop pain, and repairing the varicocele offers a high success rate at resolution of pain. In men with retractile testicles, who develop pain due to hyperactive muscles pulling the testicles up during physical activity, some of which even have to milk the testicles back down to the scrotum again for relief after retraction, have a high success rate with a cremaster muscle release. In other men with post-vasectomy pain syndrome, or testicular pain of unknown cause, who respond to a spermatic cord block (numbing injection) in the clinic, are good candidates to consider spermatic cord denervations. Dr. Kavoussi is an expert at microsurgery which he implements in all of the above procedures and performs them in a manner that is minimally invasive with minimal recovery after these outpatient day surgeries. As a nationally recognized expert in these procedures, Dr. Kavoussi was privileged to teach such techniques at the American Urological Association national meeting.

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