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Dr. Kavoussi gives lecture on treatment of testicular pain as a post-graduate course faculty at the American Urological Association meeting.

The American Urological Association has its national meeting annually, with around 15,000 urologists from all over the world attending. Dr. Kavoussi was honored to be a faculty lecturer for the post-graduate course entitled: Surgical Management for Chronic Scrotal Pain. Chronic testicular pain has historically been, and continues to be, a challenging diagnosis and a difficult […]

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Physical Therapy for Chronic Male Pelvic Pain and Erectile Dysfunction

As a pelvic floor physical therapist in Austin, I often find that people are surprised to hear that I treat men, but men are a large part of my patient population. At Sullivan Physical Therapy, a specialized pelvic floor therapy clinic, we regularly see men for chronic pelvic pain issues and erectile dysfunction. Chronic pelvic […]

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What’s the big deal about the “no-scalpel vasectomy”?

Although there are a number of differences in how vasectomies are performed by different physicians, they are generally categorized as one of two techniques: the incisional method and the no-scalpel technique. The incisional method is the older, traditional method of using a scalpel to make a 1 cm incision to isolate the vas deferens. The no-scalpel technique uses a sharp, pointed microsurgical instrument with a spreading motion to isolate the vas deferens through a 2-3 mm puncture in the skin. Typically, the puncture site is not identifiable within a month after the vasectomy. The no-scalpel technique has been shown in research studies to result in shorter operative times and it decreases the rate of vasectomy related complications such as bleeding, infection, swelling, and pain during the procedure and early after the procedure. All important stuff! This is the preferred method for these reasons and the only method that Dr. Parviz Kavoussi utilizes to perform vasectomy. He states, “if we have a technique with optimal success rates and lower complication rates, why wouldn’t we use it?”

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Anabolic Steroids Long Term Effect

Growing up as a kid in Austin in the late 70’s and 80’s my movie heroes were guys like John Matrix (Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando) and Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone).  At a young age I decided that I wanted to look like those guys.  Soon thereafter the harsh reality hit that I didn’t have the […]

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Fertility and Fitness

The old saying “lead by example” certainly holds true in medicine.  That is not to give the impression that I have any delusion of being the fittest guy around, but it certainly helps me know that trying to stay fit is a reasonable goal when I am counseling my patients to do so and I […]

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Insider Interview

1.   Describe the most rewarding experience that you have had working with a patient?   Experiencing a family being built with our help is always extremely satisfying.  I find that quality of life for men is extremely important, thus having the opportunity to help with reproductive and sexual health is a very rewarding experience for […]

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Low Testosterone Impact on Fitness

Are you abiding by a strict regimen of exercise and a healthy diet, but not seeing any improvement in your build?  Are you having trouble losing fat mass and putting on muscle mass?   Are you not getting the benefits that you expected from your workouts, even if you are doing all that your trainer is […]

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Premature Ejaculation: Understand it better to treat it more successfully

Parviz K. Kavoussi, M.D. Reproductive Urologist Austin Center for Men’s Health: A Division of Austin Fertility & Reproductive Medicine To understand premature ejaculation (PE), we must first understand the process of ejaculation.  Ejaculation is the final phase of the sexual response cycle in the male.  It is a reflex comprising of sensory stimuli, the response […]

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