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Robots Assisting with Fatherhood

Approximately 500,000 men undergo vasectomy a year in the United States, and approximately six percent of men who undergo vasectomy will desire a vasectomy reversal sometime in their lifetime for a chance to be a Dad again.  Traditionally this is performed with a microsurgical technique utilizing an operative microscope over the patient’s body to magnify […]

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Testicular Pain: Current Understanding and Treatment

Testicular pain has a significant effect on the quality of life of many men, but it can be successfully treated.  There are some anatomic causes that can be identified and treated with proper evaluation including spermatoceles (dilated cysts coming off of the epididymis-the structure between the testicle and vas deferens), tumor, infection, varicoceles (dilated veins […]

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Varicoceles and Low Testosterone

A varicocele is defined as abnormally dilated scrotal veins.  We have known for quite some time that varicoceles can have an adverse effect on sperm parameters, sperm DNA, and on male fertility.  Fifteen percent of fertile men in the general population have varicoceles and around 40% of men that go to the doctor with infertility […]

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