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Low Testosterone

How Even Borderline Low T Might Affect Your Health

Even if you’re close to having low testosterone but not quite there, you still might encounter some related health problems. A new study found that men with borderline testosterone levels had high rates of depression and other health problems. Download PDF

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Stay Lean And Keep Your Testosterone

Stay Lean and Keep Your Testosterone   We know how important estrogen is for women, but did you know it’s an important hormone for men? Yup, you guys have it, too. There is an enzyme in fat cells called aromatase; it takes testosterone made by the testicles and coverts it into estrogen. The more fat […]

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Paternity Pops Testosterone

Testosterone levels lower when a newborn is in the house Women’s bodies obviously change physically in preparation for caring for newborns. Some men experience biological changes as well. A new study from the Philippines indicates that men’s testosterone level temporarily lowers upon arrival of a new baby. The median testosterone level drop for new fathers […]

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Surgery Gives Low Testosterone A Boost

Male infertility (the inability to reproduce) can be caused by a number of factors, including varicoceles, or swollen veins in the scrotum. Now, it seems varicoceles may lead to problems even more severe than infertility. Varicoceles may disrupt a man’s ability to produce testosterone – a hormone that is extremely important for keeping men in […]

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Diabetes Linked to Low Testosterone

Diabetes Linked to Low Testosterone Published in: Contributing Expert: Parviz Kavoussi, M.D. Reporter: Travis Hill Reviewed by: Robert Carlson, M.D If you are a man with diabetes, you are twice as likely as other men to suffer from low testosterone. But does it work the other way around? Can low testosterone boost your risk […]

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Replenishing Men’s Mojo

Replenishing Men’s Mojo Published in: Contributing Expert: Parviz Kavoussi, M.D. Erectile dysfunction and quality of life improved with replacement testosterone hormone When men don’t produce enough of their own sex hormones, they can develop erection problems and other health issues. These men might benefit from a supplemental hormone. Using testosterone undecanoate replacement therapy improved […]

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The Juice Isn’t Worth the Squeeze

The Juice Isn’t Worth the Squeeze Published in: Austin Fit Magazine As of 2011, as many as three million people in the United States were using anabolic steroids and that number is believed to be increasing. An estimated three to 12 percent of male athletes in the U.S. have used anabolic steroids, and the incidence […]

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The Lowdown on Low Testosterone

The Lowdown on Low Testosterone Published in: Testosterone levels impact diabetes, high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction By the age of 35, men’s testosterone levels begin to drop by one or two percent each year. By the age of 50, 30% of men are already below the normal testosterone range and that number increases […]

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