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HI! Doctor Kavoussi and Staff! Our son came to see you almost a month ago — you came in to see him after doing procedures all day. You listened to him and quickly assess the situation. We were in your office on Tuesday and by Friday, he was having his procedure done! We were from out of town and you and your staff did everything you could to get his procedure put on the schedule. Friday the 10th of March– you took very good care of him. We were back at the motel and he rested. We were able to travel back to Amarillo. I can honestly say he is out of pain for the first time in almost 3 years. Thank you Dr. Kavoussi and your most excellent staff that helped us get this procedure done. Words are not quite adequate to tell you how much we appreciate you. Our son will be seeing you in a few weeks and will be good to see you and thank you again for all you have done. Signed—a thankful mom!

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