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Dr. Parviz and his staff have done more than just turn my hormone health around in a matter of months. They saved my life. At 21 years old I found myself chronically exhausted, disinterested in things I normally loved, and generally miserable. I found Dr. Kavoussi (by some miracle) via a google search, and I just can’t say enough about all that he’s done for me. Dr. Kavoussi goes so far beyond just treating a number (low testosterone, for me). He cares about my future, whether I want kids, my sense of well being, etc. and he tailors my treatment accordingly. If you’re young, and experiencing similar symptoms, don’t be discouraged if some doctor insists your problem cannot be low testosterone. These people will take care of you. The staff are just the kindest people you can imagine, they remember my name and were genuinely ecstatic for me when my numbers came back right.

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